manitha urimai pathukappu maiyam raaju

மனித உரிமை பாதுகாப்பு மைய மாநில ஒருங்கிணைப்பாளர் ராஜு.


  1. engalukku oru problam yaravathu help pannunga

  2. Respeted Sir
    i am goutham...i was completed B.Ed....i am from poor family
    in my village few people Damaged one pvt bus... that fellows Escaped but more than 10 peoples are arrested for that incident...we are all innocent.....i am worrying about my future.....if i did that mistake i will never ask my hole life i never hurt any one.... even animals too....that police never asked about that incident,,, and also they are not ready to hear my words....just not i came from jail in bail.....more then 10days i was there.... i am not right person to live there.... when i came back to home every one asking about my jail life....past 24 years i try to build myself as a human being....but that police's small mistake destroy my hole think....i was hurt...please help me to prove there any mistake in this paragraph please pardon me....
    thanking you,


  4. பெருந்துறை சிப்காட் வளாகத்தில் Coca-Cola பிரிவு தொடங்க போகிறார்கள் ..சொந்தங்களே அது நமது விவசாயத்துக்கு தேவையான நீர் மற்றும் குடி நீரை தினமும் 300000 லிட்டர் எடுக்க போகிறார்கள் ....இவை அனைத்தும் போர் போட்டு எடுக்க போகிறார்கள் ..ஈரோடு,திருப்பூர் ,கோவை,கரூர்,சேலம்,நாமக்கல் விவசாயம் இதனால் அழிய போகிறது....(இந்த பகுதியில் இருப்பது நம் மக்களே அதிகம்.)
    தற்போது ஈரோட்டில் ஒரு பகுதி விவசாய மக்கள் இதற்கு எதிராக போராடுகிறார்கள்....

    Please help us to remove that coca cola company from perundurai..Because currently in that place ground water level is 800feet depth. if they started then it will goes upto middle class people they cannt take the water to drink as well as agriculture would be die.

  5. Respected sir,
    i m francis xavier age 30 unmarried, i have no father poor family. i registerd in a free matrimonial site( using this profile a girl called me (10.11.14) and told she likes my profile like to marry me. job charecter and family details shared within a week she created a good image like good family girl. she sent address. she told she is doing a software project need money help and immediately she will return like that asked. after few days she told her mother heart attack she's in emergency ward need immediate money transfer. for this 2 reason she got 1,21,000 from me in her icici account 253901501246 anitha tiruvotriur branch. i got money from finance and gave for emergency but again also she asked money i doubt. and enquired her addres is false. immediately i went nearby police station where i work (tirupur) and gave petiton to trace her mobile to find her. but they gave csr copy sent me to come after a week. next week i went no response. so myself take effort to catch her. i told her i dont have money to send thru bank. my sithi having my money she dont know bank u go and collect like that i called her dharmapuri. but sometimes she changed the plan. didnot come. finally she sent 2 people (sonia, rajendren) with the help of dharmapuri police i caught. they enquired that time only i know i m cheated by a married lady(pidipatta sonia enra pennin akka than anitha married, unmarried boys cheat panni panam pidunguradu than job) but dharmapuri police told since the case is in tirupur u take them to tirupur like that they told. i asked tirupur inspecter he didnot sent vehicle and police. insted he asked me to hire care and bring them to tirupur. so i hired car (begged money) with the help of constable whole nit travel we handed over to tirupur police station. i thought using this 2people police will arrest anitha. but police too cheated me. refused to file FIR.from anitha that inspecter selvaraj got money in his account released. before they release i went commisioner office also. but money only finally won. i returened to police station asked answer for my money. SI jeyachandren told shuldnot come to station. u didnot giv money to us. this is not the limit to deal ur case go to ur native and ask them justice. i was rejected. this money is not my saving. enga appa saagura varai aadu mechu en thangachi kaga serthu vacha panam. namaku varapora wife nallavanu nambi yemanduten. andha forgery lady yemathita, police um yemathiduchu. since that lady in chennai she is threatening me thru some persons they say they r lawyers they will file case against me like that. she is telling if u call for money i will go to police and say ur torcheing nu case file panuven nu. sir , finance la vattium katti panathaum tholachitu thookam ilama iruken. yarumey help panala. enta yella documents evidence iruku. i can prove anywhere my words r true. i need justice sir. pls help me sir myself and my family will worship u my contact num:9500541380



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