manitha urimai pathukappu maiyam raaju

மனித உரிமை பாதுகாப்பு மைய மாநில ஒருங்கிணைப்பாளர் ராஜு.


  1. engalukku oru problam yaravathu help pannunga

  2. Respeted Sir
    i am goutham...i was completed B.Ed....i am from poor family
    in my village few people Damaged one pvt bus... that fellows Escaped but more than 10 peoples are arrested for that incident...we are all innocent.....i am worrying about my future.....if i did that mistake i will never ask my hole life i never hurt any one.... even animals too....that police never asked about that incident,,, and also they are not ready to hear my words....just not i came from jail in bail.....more then 10days i was there.... i am not right person to live there.... when i came back to home every one asking about my jail life....past 24 years i try to build myself as a human being....but that police's small mistake destroy my hole think....i was hurt...please help me to prove there any mistake in this paragraph please pardon me....
    thanking you,




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