Indian Rupee Symbol new definition cartoon,இந்திய ரூபாய் புது விளக்கம்


  1. india kum tamilnadu makal kum, yen sindenai toligel...... poddum matum - matumai yalam aresiyal vadigulum ungelai yamaternede podum... nandregai kelengel yen venupetai .... thola pls translate my revolution mind how to change tamilnadu's grassroot poor peoples life .

    1. make a new revolution
    2. boycott all politicians party .
    3. all poors get unite and start a long march n ready to take over karunanidhi administration.
    4. catch all the political scoundrels without regard from any party and immediately execute them in public.
    5. get a real master of economic leader group to bild tamilnadu.
    6. bring up all the educated youngsters and trained them for future administration.
    7. whoever start to form or regain political influence shhot them immediately in public area.
    8. create a new administration manifesto that only state about economic and education.
    7. ban all cinema activity and serial and send all mother fucker actor and actress into a concentration camp and give them a hard work , if resist then excute them on the spot... lets start from rajini ...... to all.
    8. catch all the temple pusari and excute them immediately not let even a single one to live.
    9. close immediately all temple activitym those who spill mill on stone cut their hand on the spot.
    10. confiscate all the black money from the rich man and send them to hard work till rest of life.
    11.rule by a well educated group that who really knows how to share the economic cake equally.
    12 get ready to wage a war against delhi and make tamilnadu an independent nation... got me all tamilnadu makkal if can't then be slave dogs of karunanidhi ,jayalalitha and sonia bitch.

  2. @kannis

    dont blame the politicians,blame the people, blame u..choose the right government or make the government good.dont just sit infront of your computer,commenting over internet, thinking u really love ur people and give some stupid philosophies.dont mind fuck are just an another brainless idiot



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