manifestation,tamilar orunginaippu kuzhu,ஒன்றுகூடல்

date: 1-9-2010
place: : French parliament

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  1. Thola , manam aliye velaiye da ella tamilenke,,, tennadu tamilino katri kudetan, singelevendum... oru vesi maval vilai pota naiyudu kutine saide vesi magan karunanidhi yum tennadu tamilergelum manude manai pogevendum.... enda koletil ya nam vera tamil eela makalai kanur vendum..... endai kaci yae parku yen rattum kudikerede..... ende nalamai ke nam ella tamilerai alakene india om , ilankai singelevenum ore nal badul soliya aga vendum...... aliyutum tamilnadu makalum indiya om... thola my heart bleeds seeing this kind of is to extreme grieve.... even i seen the sri lankan army and government genocide against our brothers and sisters of tamil eela makal... some malaysian bastards and mother fuckers always says tamilnadu is our mother land and proud about it.... to me whoever step into this mother fucker country india and tamilnadu they all are tamil durogis ..or( traitors )that i cursed their whole family will face a worst disease that no cure till death..... go to hell india and tamilnadu ...... oh mother nature pls fulfilled my request as soon as possible that india and tamilnadu face a big mother nature disaster till no more exist in world map..... similarly UN, USA, CHINA, INDIA, PAKISTAN, ISREAL, BRITAIN, NATO, NAM, ASEAN, ALL WORLD ORGANIZATION SHOULD DISOLVED AND THROW THEIR VERDICT IN RUBBISH BIN..... LONG LIVE LTTE , LONG LIVE TAMIL EELA MAKAL STRUGGLE.



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